changes and newness // plus, enter to win a hand-lettered envelope!

hello dear friends ❤

the past couple of weeks have brought plenty of changes- mostly difficult ones with lots of tearful exchanges, but some which have tugged at our hearts in beautiful ways that are far bigger than us.

in the midst of cyber-bullying (yes, adults are brutal, too), fallen-through plans, disappointing news, and heartbreaking endings, J and I have felt the depths of Jesus’ heart and found comfort in the knowledge that this is all to make us more holy. And I’m willing to walk through the downpour of disappointment for that! 🙂

but it hasn’t been all bad! 🙂 He’s been blessing our socks off with some incredible opportunities and wide-open doors, as well as some very definite pulling on our heartstrings for certain burdens of His own heart. the past couple of weeks have definitely been a time of growing in leaps and bounds and halting our hearts before His throne of grace.

I sincerely apologize to a couple of people who ordered from the untidy grace shop and had their orders shipped late because of all the unexpected and sudden craziness in my personal life!!
you will be finding a very special surprise in your packages when they arrive, friends! thank you so much for your patience! ❤

now! onto brighter and newer things 😉

I’ll start with an announcement.
look at this cute envelope!!

they haven’t even hit the shop yet, but before they do, I thought I’d give THREE lucky readers a chance to win one for FREE.
because I love you that much ❤
these envelopes with be a limited edition product, and there won’t be many available, so you’ll want to enter this giveaway for sure!

you’ll have the options of: sweet heart, dear friend, hello there, birth day, and thank you to be hand-lettered on your envelope in white ink.
the envelopes are made from thin kraft paper, and are probably best used for hand-delivery than mail-delivery 🙂
they would make a very sweet addition to a birthday gift, love note, or just a recognition of a sweet friendship.

here are the rules:
first, like this blog post!
head over to my Instagram (untidygraceblog) and
1) follow the blog on there!
2) “like” this picture on there!
3) comment to tell me something about you, and use the hashtag #myuntidygrace

if you don’t have an instagram, don’t worry!
I’m already thinking up some fun giveaways for my facebook-only users, and they will be coming SOON- I promise I haven’t forgotten about you 🙂

that’s it!

you’ll be entered to win, and THREE sweet readers’ names will be picked from a bowl 🙂
I will post a video of me picking those fortunate readers on this Saturday, so be sure to check back then to see if you’re a winner!


exciting thing number TWO!
beginning next week, I’m challenging myself to post every single day until my birthday, which is March 30th.
that’s three weeks of daily posting!
I am SO EXCITED to take this on and do my very best to bring you great content every day of the week! you can expect lots of DIY projects, recipes, and photo projects. 🙂
I think it will be a great experience for all of us!!

until next time, friends!

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