what the avricks eat // plus, my $30 grocery list!

hello lovelies! it’s been a while!

this week has been filled with mishaps and little trials, lots of big thoughts which are begging to be fastened to paper or screen, mixing up delicious, tasty things, and spending a happy Sunday celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday. 🙂

you might be hammered with wildly thoughtful posts this week 😉

but for now, I will keep things simple and straightforward and share with you what the avricks plan on munching down on this week.

monday // spaghetti + salad
tuesday // chicken +apple stuffed pitas
wednesday // sweet tea chicken (recipe I’m trying here!) +grilled sweet potatoes
thursday // steak (which I never made last week), loaded baked potatoes, and steamed vegetables
friday // orange chicken stir fry
saturday // mason jar salads, burgers + french fries
sunday // tomato chicken noodle soup

this week J and I are also making a super fun lunch together on thursday- travelling noodles! aka… DIY healthy ramen jars! check out this awesome recipe from this amazing gal.

I may also whip up some of these this week… I already have the ingredients on hand!

I know I said I’d keep it simple and straightforward, but I thought I’d do something special this week and add a grocery list for anyone wondering. (not that anyone is actually wondering about my grocery list, but hey…)

and by the way… I’m spending just $30.

interested now? 😉

for my grocery list, I’m using prices from Giant Food Stores in Lancaster, PA. I do have a bonus card there, which means I save a little extra, too 😉

whole milk (Giant brand)- $3.69
half +half (Giant brand)- $1.20

fresh produce
pink lady apples x4- $3.16
hothouse cucumber- $2.00
sweet potato- $1.29
baking potato x2- $2.00
matchstick carrots- $1.99
romaine- $2.50
spinach (small bag)- $2.50

mixed vegetables- $1.19

orange juice (11oz bottle)- $1.49

white bread (Giant brand)-$0.99
KA-ME chinese noodles- $2.69

canned goods
tomato paste (Giant brand)- $0.59

TOTAL: $27.35

I still have pitas and a few other items from last week that I’ll use in these meals.
click here to see me explain my monthly shopping process!

on another note, anyone have any AMAZING steak-cooking recipes? I’ve never cooked a nice steak on my own before, and I’m curious as to how you all do it! 🙂 let me know in the comments, or hop over to the facebook page to leave a note there!

until next time, fellow foodies!


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