what the avricks eat // weekly meal plan

um… BRRR.

seriously. can it stop snowing and being literally zero degrees? 😦

I’m a constantly cold human.

but constantly cold humans still have to meal plan. and go grocery shopping in sideways-blowing snow.

I did manage to add some cuteness to our abode this past week, after hitting a sale (whoop whoop!) at michael’s (praise Jesus for that beautiful store…).



I feel I should also note that the V-Day snack mix was a success, and a total hit with hubby.
I somehow accidentally managed to leave the leftovers of mine at my mama’s house, and she enjoyed polishing that off, too!

I love it when experiments turn out yummy!

I also love it when we get a ton of amazing food given to us whenever we visit home!!
this trip yielded two giant and beautimous steaks!! whaaaat 😀
those are totally being cooked up this week.

monday // spaghetti +salad
tuesday // shepherd’s pie
wednesday //chicken tacos
thursday //steak (yeah yeah!) + baked potatoes with steamed veggies
friday // chicken + rice soup with cornbread
saturday // chicken pasta
sunday // LEFTOVERS

I hope to take some photos of my lunches this week, too!
I’m trying out some new and simple ideas and recipes to make lunch easy 🙂
stay tuned!!




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