the pinterest fail life is the life for me

let’s just be honest errbody.

sometimes I get super excited, and I try a new recipe, and it really really sucks.
like, it’s bad.
like, I’m not eating that.
so, like any mature, self-respecting adult would do, I sit on the kitchen floor and sob “IT LOOKED SO MUCH EASIER ON PINTEREST”.

sometimes, I have this awesome idea in my head of how I want a hand-lettered piece to look, and I create it, and then I’m like, “wow, that’s terrible.”
like, I’m not posting that.
like, my husband isn’t even seeing this.
like, goodbye-in-the-trash-start-over.

just, nope.

you know?

I mean, most of the time, my purse looks like this…

and if I’m really being honest, half the time I sit at my computer pretending to be productive, but really just skimming facebook and silently judging Christians who aren’t acting like Christians.

and laughing at Jeremiah 29:11 Bible verse selfies.

and hiding everyone giving all of facebook the play-by-play of the bachelor.
…sorry, friends 😉

sometimes,  I take ten pictures for a blog post, and only one of them is useable.
and sometimes I give up after two because I’m tired and only halfway done with my coffee, and the photo is still out of focus.

see here:


and let’s just be real, guys.
sometimes dinner looks more like this…
ike, “I’m just here for the free peanuts, y’all.”

than this…

you know, like when you intend to go out looking like this…

but you show up like “I’m here, where’s the coffee/food/ pinterest-perfect beach waves I was promised?”

we all have those days.
it happens, girl!

and guess what?
the pinterest fail life, is the life for me. 🙂
embrace the untidy! there’s enough grace for your pinterest mishaps ❤
we’ve all got enough pinterest fails to outweigh the wins times ten.
and that’s okay.

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