winter is stupid // holy wandering + grumpy musings

winter is stupid.

yes, it has finally reached that point in the year when everyone who complained about the summer heatwave is now complaining about the snow monstrosity.

I actually like snow.
until new years.
then I’m all “okay, I’m done with you. be gone, white devil.”
*sob* I’m ready for sunshine.
and seventy-degree weather.

in other news, reminiscing of last week (romping about with this munchkin and mixing up cocoa) makes grey days better ❤

that little SMILE ❤


we’ll just pretend that this first outdoors adventure of the oncoming spring didn’t end with a meltdown over the sight of a bent blade of grass, which was believed to be a spider… 😉

ponytails are her new obsession.
I think I’m obsessed with that adorable wee pouf of hair, too ❤


and here’s that nutella hot cocoa!

mmmmm… not too bitter, not too sweet.
rich, thick, creamy… ❤

excuse my awkward smiling-at-my-cocoa face.
cocoa makes my face happy.


sigh… give me back last week! it’s too rainy to play out of doors today 😦

anyhoo… you all have been delightful and have blessed my socks off with your ordering from the new shop! (yippee!!)
so thankful for you guys!

today, my lovely momma-in-law sent me a quote she thought would be nice to have hand-lettered. it’s one you’ve probably head before…

                                                                                                                                                 “not all who wander are lost.”

familiar, yes? it was for me, too. but for some reason, it grabbed me a bit differently today.

something I already knew returned to me in a new way: He prepares us for His work through the wandering
those who wander may feel lost.
but if they are part of the Bride, part of the Body, they are not. 🙂

take heart, sister!
your wandering time is your sanctification.
your “lost-ness” is when you are finding mercy.
this hard work of enduring is just the introduction to your lifetime of holy work.

the anxiety is the precursor to teaching the joy.
the confusion is the precursor to speaking in wisdom.
take hold of this holy wandering, friend!
wander with faith!
the mystery of godliness is written on our hearts… did you think it would be easy to unravel?
(hint: it’s not.) 😉

the great wanderers have also been the great leaders.

ask intently: what must I learn to make this worthwhile?

not all who wander are lost.

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