untidy grace // a new blog era

hello dearies. 🙂

I literally have not eaten a thing today.

wanna know why?

I’ve been working like a CRAZY PERSON on this BLOG and on the brand new SHOP! eeeeee!

the time has finally come! the great unveiling of a new era in the life of this dear old blog.

I took some time to think, and I decided the blog needed more than a little shop.
more than an update.
it needed a new life breathed in.

and so here we are.
untidy grace? you ask.


the untidiest of all. 🙂 life is oh so messy. (mine especially, no?)
I need a messy grace to match it.

in the past, I would have cropped this photograph… cut out the clutter, cleaned up the edges.
no more! we are untidy! grace is, too!!

I hope you’ll leap into this journey like I have 🙂

…and I hope you’ll want to be reminded of it each and every day, the same way I am!
I often use quotes, verses, and notes, jotted down pretty, to remind myself of the untidy grace that lives with me in my untidy life.
and you can, too!!

and you can purchase custom-made, hand-lettered reminders to hang around your home.
12 by 12

(squeeee!!!) I am SO excited to finally be introducing this to you 🙂
click here to go visit the shop!!

I’m so happy to be back at full speed here on the blog, my dears!
lots of goodies will be coming your way shortly!


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