hello dears // a blogging update, menu plan + big news

hello dears!

I’ve so missed writing to you this past weekend while I was away.
unfortunately, the weather in the north was such that our trip up to maine was a no-go. I did get to spend the weekend with my mama and family- scrapbooking, cooking, and watching the superbowl! (how about them patriots?!)
while my whirlwind trip was certainly a blast, I’m so excited to be back to my husband… and even my teeny tiny home. 😉

some exciting things are happening for you, sweet followers!!
we are just $10 away from the $100 goal to upgrade the blog! you have been amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for your love and support towards this project. ❤ you are all the very best.

also, happening this week, is the culmination of a lot of hard work, creative process, and bunches of excitement!
that’s right!! friday is the big day! be sure to hop on over on Friday afternoon to see the finished product!! (don’t worry- I’ll remind you 😉 )
lots of hand-lettered goodness will be for sale, and I just miiiiight have an opening sale! 😉

I’ve got lots of great posts coming your way this week!!

and finally, onto the menu plan!
last week, I included this monday in the plan because I knew I’d be away and not have time to think about it, so it allowed me to post this a day late!

tuesday // sloppy joes + cold veggies
wednesday // apple juice chicken (it was so yummy last week!)
thursday // chicken salad pita pockets
friday // mason jar salads with ham
saturday // spaghetti
sunday // stuffed baked potatoes

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