menu plan monday // here comes more crazy

that happened 🙂

trust me, there will definitely be a post coming soon (tomorrow perhaps?) on our wonderful whirlwind New York City trip 🙂

but today, we return to the crazy in the mundane and create yet another meal plan for this coming week!
I’m just sitting here with my morning essentials, watching the snow swirl about outside, awaiting on the munchkin to awake, and thinking on the wild ride this year has already been!
morning essentials
but wait!
that’s not all!
there’s more! (teehee)
this week is yet another crazy adventure.
on thursday, my mom and I are making the great big trek up to maine to party it up with extended family for my nana’s birthday.
perhaps not a great remedy for my summer longings, considering this is what it looked like a year ago during our visit…



I already hit the grocery store to snag some frozen pizzas and breakfast sandwhiches for husband, and I’ll throw together a few homemade freezer meals for him before I leave, too.
but here’s the mini menu for this week:

monday // homemade barbecue chicken and baked potatoes
tuesday // apple juice chicken with steamed veggies
wednesday // meatballs (from my mom! yay!)
thursday // gone
friday // gone
saturday // gone
sunday // gone
monday // takeout

here’s to another week of excitement and adventure!!

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