nyc // what’s in my suitcase

it’s not typical of me to have style or fashion posts on this blog, but it’s an area of my life in which I’ve been experimenting and fine-tuing a bit lately, and I’d like to add a little more of in into the content 🙂 I thought, what better time to start than when packing for a trip to one of the most stylish spots in the US- New York City! So, bear with me, and here goes 🙂

what to pack for a day and a night in NYC?
it’s not a long time, but if you want it to be a time well-spent and well-dressed (which, I mean, you’re in NYC, so…) you’ll need to put a little thought into it.

plus, for me, this trip is kind of a mish-mash celebration. the 8th of february marks J’s and mine six months of being married! that’s exciting, guys! a healthy marriage to your bestest friend is so awesome! and, of course, just after that is the big old valentines day. J and I are kind of considering this to be the celebration of both those things, as well as a mini getaway for the two of us after a whirlwind holiday season and crazy january (that flew by! what the what!). we haven’t had a lot of “us-time”, so this will be a really nice day for some alone time 🙂

first comes today’s ensemble. I had to pick something that could withstand the long day of nannying, be comfy for the 3+ hour car ride, and transition easily into a stylish outfit to make a quick whirl down a few blocks for a classic New York pizza and a late night mini sight-seeing jaunt.
I think this little number does the trick 🙂 easy, comfy, with giant statement necklace and neutral tones.
sweater- H&M
denim- Oldy Navy
necklace- Charming Charlie
shoes- Target

secondly, of course, is the outfit I’ll actually pack to trot around NYC for the majority of tomorrow.

i decided to go for one of my current favorite trends- the black on black. I love this trend. it’s simple to pull off and sleek to wear, and there aren’t too many ways to go wrong. 😉

what better than this trend to employ for your own NYC camouflage?

weater- H&M
hat- H&M
unmentionables- Victoria’s Secret (new line!)
necklace- was a gift
shoes- Target
black denim- H&M
driving gloves- belonged to my mother years ago

I’m pretty pumped to slip into this comfy and chic ensemble tomorrow morning (wrapped under my black coat, naturally) and explore the concrete jungle of New York City 🙂
of course a swipe of red lip-stain will add that undeniably “New York” flair it needs.

but my outfit isn’t the only thing I needed to pay attention to. every big life moment needs a track list, a soundtrack. (at least that’s my firm belief 😉 )

here’s my New York-inspired one:
welcome to new york // taylor swift
boy from new york city // the manhattan transfer
brooklyn baby // lana del rey
chelsea morning // joni mitchell
new york // the milk carton kids
royals // lorde
new york, i love it when you’re mean // julian velard
new york city// john lennon
diet mountain dew // lana del rey
new york, new york theme // frank sinatra
back of a truck // regina spektor

get READY for a million NYC photos!! squeee!!!

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