NYC planning // I don’t really know what I’m doing

perhaps (if you’ve read my last few posts) you’ve heard that husband and I are headed to NYC this week. (huzzah!) 🙂
we are SO EXCITED. neither of us have ever been just to visit, though I’ve driven through it on many family vacations to maine.

as I started planning, I got super overwhelmed. I mean, what is one to do with a single day in such a huge city!? eep!!

we booked our hotel through a groupon deal, which meant we got a $140 hotel room for $80… yeah yeah yeah!! I didn’t really pay attention to where in NYC it happened to be located until after I had already booked it. (oops) just so happens, it’s in the upper west side of manhattan (which is fabulous), but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on up there? (other than shopping. and we don’t have money to blow here, pal)  is that just me?

anyway, I’ve somewhat compiled a sort-of list/tentative schedule for our day. however, I’d love love love some input from you new yorkers- and those of you who are experienced tourists! (is that a thing? hmm…)

(5:00 pm) leave immediately from work
(8:15/8:30) arrive at hotel and check in
then walk around before grabbing some NYC style pizza and heading back to the hotel 🙂
relax, review our itinerary, look at some maps…

(8:00) wake up!!
re-pack our bags and check out of our room. (we should still have the 24 hour parking we’ll pay for the previous night at the hotel though.)
grab breakfast/coffee from one of the many nearby cafe’s and bakeries
hit the metro to take us down to southern end of central park (get off at the columbus circle station) for some ice skating (opens at 10am)
walk the six blocks south to visit the MOMA
walk south again to see times square and the rock center
(about noon) get food here! (dig inn, burger joint, tri-tip grill, snackBOX, wing’nit…)
explore the area to our hearts’ content before hitching the metro once again down to chelsea market (which, from what I’ve heard, is the place for foodies- get off at the 23rd street station)
walk the highline
wander through market
check out the shops and music stores
eat dinner before hopping on the metro one final time (at around 6) to take us all the way back up to our hotel, where we will pick up our car and leave


hey all you NYC pros! what are we missing? am I being totally oblivious about something? 🙂 let me know!

we leave TOMORROW! YEAH!!


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