menu plan monday // new adventures and a big surprise

hi friends 🙂

after a sick-day weekend and errand-running day off, I’m finally sitting down to let you all know what the avricks will be munching on this week!

monday // orange chicken stir-fry
tuesday // paleo apple juice chicken with broccoli and homemade french fries
wednesday // NYC BABY (Nick’s Pizza)
thursday // NYC BABY (tbd)
friday // spaghetti with meat sauce
saturday // graddad’s BBQ chicken with corn and potatoes
sunday // crock pot Italian chicken


today… I got a mystery package in the mail.

here’s the story…

husband texted me early on in the day to let me know that I wasn’t allowed to open any packages from now until my birthday because he had just ordered my present.
I proceeded to go completely giddy with happiness grocery shopping.
I returned, target bags laden with a half-week’s worth of groceries, fumbled up the stairs, and… stumbled into a small brown box.

So I called husband, thrilled about the arrival of my present.
the conversation went somewhere along these lines…

“pretty sure my present came! I put it just inside!!”
“um… there’s no way.”
“what do you mean?”
“I’m pretty sure it shipped yesterday. where’s it from?”
“world market.”
“I didn’t order anything from there… did you?”
“um… no? you’re kidding right?”
“no…? are you sure you didn’t order anything?”

so i went and picked him up from work, before returning home, setting the package on the table and staring it down. (also repeating the earlier conversation)

we eventually peeled it open, with great curiosity (me still half-hiding my eyes, thinking it was the present he’d gotten)

and we found this




but really?! 😀



WHAAA??? ❤






it’s so puuurty ❤



in case you didn’t notice, this is the teapot from my birthday wishlist post here.

I have no idea where this beautiful piece of lovely came from, but to whomever it may concern… thank you thank you thank you.

it’s so shockingly lovely, and you are a swell human being.

what a happy treasure you’ve given me ❤

here’s to a wild week of fun and adventuring and happy surprises! 🙂


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