birthday wish list

hey you guys 🙂 what’s up?

this post was born when, just the other day, husband started talking about my birthday.

my birthday is at the very end of march. pretty sure he’s already snooping for gifting clues, though he denied it. 😉

so, because I my mind goes totally blank and I can never think of anything when people ask me what I want (for Christmas, my birthday… anything!), I figured I’d beat them to it and dream a little about some items I’d simply love to own…



lunchbots lunchbox // pricey. but not plastic. and so darn aesthetically pleasing!
naked 2 palatte // what girl doesn’t want one?
chipotle gift card // nuff said
terrarium // no specific one, just one in general 🙂 the one pictured is from urban outfitters, though, and you can see it here
wood + marble serving board // been eyeing this bad boy since the wedding registry days
williams-sonoma measuring spoons // so. pretty. and I currently have a $1 ikea set.
impossible film // can’t. get. enough.
copper moscow mule mug // I can’t get over how gorgeous these copper mugs are…

AND. I wasn’t able to save a photograph of this beauty onto my computer, but I want it (possibly) most of all: click here

well, that’s my wish list! some more far-fetched dreams than others 😉 but a list nonetheless!

what’s on your wish list?

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