menu plan monday // compiling recipes

if you’ve been a friend of the blog for long enough, perhaps you’ve heard me mention the lovely little group of ladies we call the young brides’ coterie.

we’re a little facebook group of just that- young brides. 🙂 and lately, as we were discussing meal plans and all that wifey nonsense, I had the idea to collect recipes (old favorites, pinterest finds, and ones of their own invention) from each of them and combine them into a cookbook just for us. that way, we’d be able to share each other’s tables without actually being there! (and gain bunches of directions on creating yummy food…). and so the plan was born and put into action 🙂 my goal is to make each of them and photograph them for our cookbook! I’d love to have it done in February, so I best get cooking!

here you have it-

monday // chicken salad pitas with spiced sweet potato fries
tuesday //Jake’s grilled chicken (my mouth is watering just thinking about all those spices…) with french green beans
wednesday // spaghetti
thursday // Megan’s little cheddar meat loaves (cannot WAIT to try these) with baked potatoes and glazed carrots
friday // favorite chicken over white rice
saturday //takeout fakeout orange chicken stirfry
sunday //maple chipotle stovetop chicken with hasselback potatoes

I’m so drooling right now.

I can’t wait to eat!! 🙂


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