menu plan monday // happy new year!

hello dearies!

I’m welcoming January with cozy layers of sweaters and half-remaining Christmas nail polish.

while my official (albeit a wee tardy) new year post will be arriving SOON (think tomorrow morning), I still want to clue you in on a few goals I have for the foodie in me this year 🙂 last year was a great one for experiencing new things- including having to meal plan, cook daily, and grocery shop on a regular basis, all for the first time! whew! I think I did alright (if I do say so myself), but this year I really want to learn new ways of preparing foods, master some techniques, and replace some of those packaged snacks with good ole veggies. here are a few goals I’ve got for myself on this subject…

1 // make 90% of my grocery purchases from the edges of the store- the outside edges of the grocery store generally contain the produce, meats, and dairy, while the inner aisles are full of packaged items, chips, and junk food! I did pretty well at this in 2014, but this year I want to do even better; I’m totally committed to doing 90% of my shopping from those healthy outer edges this year!
2 // drink those much-needed 6 glasses of water daily. right now I am SO BAD about drinking water. like… so bad. but since getting this beauty for Christmas from my amaaaazing husband, I’m hoping that I will get better at this and see some healthy results!!
3 // learn some proper kitchen technique. while I’ve fallen in love with making food this past year, I honestly don’t really know what I’m doing. (heehee) I want to pick a few techniques and perfect them this year!
4 // pack more veggies. guys. packing lunches is hard. I hate doing it. I desperately need to get better at packing healthy lunches for myself. (today I did pretty okay- smoothie ingredients to blend at work for breakfast, leftover grilled chicken and cold veggies for lunch, a ziploc with a few kettle chips, and two gluten free mini macaroons). gonna start begging for this container of lunch-packing perfection for my birthday in a few months. maybe having it would inspire me 😛 also, I totally want to try some of those mason jar salads, floating around pinterest. I’ll keep you guys updated on that one.
5 // snack healthy. especially after Christmas and New Years, I have way too much junk food in the house. I need to start making healthy foods easily grab-able and on-the-go friendly (or just lazy girl friendly… who am I kidding). this is something that is going to take a bit of planning and prep time, so I need to start that planning asap!

not just that, but I’ve undertaken a massive organizing project to my pantry space…
are those sprinkles not the cutest darn things in that jar??
I’m not quite done, so those quick glimpses will have to suffice for now 😉

hoping I can accomplish those things this year! it seems pretty doable to me!! 😀

now for the menu plan!

monday // sloppy joes with spiced sweet potato fries + salad
tuesday // grilled honey mustard chicken + sauteed french green beans
wednesday // spaghetti with baguette + salad
thursday // create-your-own pizza with the wee munchkin. (husband and I get to take care of her while her parents are out to dinner!) + cold veggies
friday // broccoli cheddar cheese soup- the Panera copycat kind ❤
saturday // grilled chicken + mason jar salads
sunday // one pan spicy lemon chicken pasta

whew! it’s going to be quite a week! and I’m quite excited! 🙂

what are some of your foodie resolutions for this new year?
what are YOU eating this week?

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