merry christmas. happy holidays. // tumbling thoughts from a bothered Jesus-lover

ah, Christmas… the season of love.
of giving.
of thankfulness.
of grace.
of basking in amazement that we have recieved the greatest of all gifts.


of a muffled “o holy night” while fighting back irritation at the eight-year-old waving his candle around during the Christmas Eve service
of “this idiot driver needs a lesson on what forty-five-miles-an-hour-means”
of “so help me, I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS, even if by doing so I offend, hurt, and judge you!” (oops, did I type that?)
of pristine, uncluttered manger scenes.

good. grief.

for some reason, this year, in the midst of what should be the season where we as Christ-followers are filled with the most awe-inspired mercy than ever else, I am seeing more hatred, more stubbornness, more outrageous shows of self-righteousness, and more division than seemingly ever before.

God help us, why?

if you’ve been shown much grace, why would you not show much grace to others?

at this time, more than any other, should we not be on our faces in awe and thankfulness of all the holy in the manger-dirt.

instead of bursting with the joy of great truth, we stuff it down and replace it with loud and angry complaints of commercialism.

in our indignation of those who don’t recognize Jesus as the “reason for the season”, we embody the opposite of the grace of Christ, as we take up our sword-words and scream “Merry CHRISTmas! It’s CHRISTMAS, ALL YOU IDIOTS, NOT HAPPY HOLIDAYS.”

ah, what a kind and graceful way to display the mercy of Jesus 🙂 –sarcasm, anyone?-

I’m not at all against saying “merry Christmas”.
I say it often.
it’s one of my most favorite phrases!
but I appreciate the sincere, kind “happy holiday” I hear often, as well.

there are so many things wrong with so many of the reactions of the Bride.

firstly, why are you expecting the world to behave like the church?
it’s the world.
they’re not supposed to behave like the church.
because it’s the world.
see here:

The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.
// 1 corinthians 2:14 //

seriously guys.
we are told ahead of time that this is the norm.
stop freaking out.

secondly, how are you expecting your reaction to point them to the truth.
to guide them to the manger.
to introduce them to the Spirit.

is your indignance and frustration and pointedly irritated reply of “merry Christmas.” really going to cause them to seek the Lord?


it’s not.
(I answered for you, sorry…)

so please. this season, with Christmas only a short five days away, let’s feast our eyes on the dirty, ugly, gross manger, filled with all the glory of the Lord.
such a small girl, with tears in her eyes, birthing a baby where horses sleep.
immerse yourself in the emotion of the moment- the terrified, trusting little Mary- no mother, no midwife- to help her through.
the great and full joy as the Saviour of the world enters it.

can you grasp that?
I can’t, quite.
such a heavy, lovely thing.

may your hearts live there, friends.
may you put down your weapons and face the world (for what it is) with open, merciful arms.

shall we, together?

have the merriest christmas. have a most happy holiday.

❤ Moriah

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