menu plan monday // oops

oops. uh-oh. sorry.

I’m afraid I’ve disappeared this past week! I was totally preoccupied with a million happy Christmas things and skipped out on the blog life for a bit. I can’t say I’m terribly sorry, though. If I have to choose, I’m picking reality. sorry, folks 😉

in this wildly busy season (with only TEN DAYS LEFT till CHRISTMAS), I will try my darn-est to keep up with this little corner of the web! 🙂 but if I slack off, you’ll have to promise to forgive me!

because this week was so crazy, we didn’t stick to our meal plan as well as I’d hoped. (booo.) there was one night when I was terribly tired, and it was a sort of forage-your-own-food type of night (ahhh!). then on thursday, we went to see a movie (old, cheap-o place, but good enough for us!) at dinnertime, and ended up grabbing a big old tub of popcorn which took the place of dinner (with sufficiently more snacking when we got home). therefore, I did not end up taking pictures of all our meals 😦 we did manage to have one sit-down-at-the-table meal, which was nice!

the rest of our week was filled with goodies like french-press coffee at home and scott pilgrim vs the world in the glow of tree lights. ❤
we’re grown-ups.
I swear.

in addition to this week’s menu plan, I also have compiled our list of Christmas goodies. my family was never one to have a big Christmas dinner. it was a pj’s and favorite snack food type of day where we all just kept cozied inside and played board games and sometimes watched a movie together. everything we ate had to be easy, stick-it-in-the-oven type food so no one got stuck in the kitchen. (sounds good to me!)

here’s my Christmas Day goodies list:
breakfast- cinnamon rolls, sausage, bacon (cooked the day before), fruit, and Naked fruit and veggie juice
lunch- frozen pizza for joey to cook, buffalo wings for me to cook, and mozarella sticks to share
snacks for me- kettle chips, talenti frozen yogurt
snacks for J- goldfish, wafer cookies

that night we’re driving down to J’s family for their big dinner and celebration, so it’s like getting the best of both worlds! (hannah montana, anyone?)

so anyway, this week’s meals are going to stay simple, tasty, and homey.
just how I like it ❤

monday// sweet and sour hot dogs + mixed veggies
tuesday// chicken noodle casserole
wednesday// brown sugar soy “favorite” chicken
thursday// shepherd’s pie
friday// homemade cheddar soup
saturday// mandarin chicken stir fry

if you’re wondering why sunday isn’t on that list, it’s because it’s on a special list… the Christmas Week menu list!!
J insists that Christmas Week is not a thing people celebrate.
it’s one hundred percent a thing this girl celebrates with a deep passion. 😀

the Christmas Week menu, along with posts on holiday outfit ideas and how to make a fairy door are coming later this week!!
keep your eyes open for those guys, and make sure you’re following the birdie blog, so you get all the updates 🙂

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