making a peace treaty // how to halt your hectic heart this Christmas

I am bad at things.

things, meaning specifically, not being a stressed-out stress ball of stress always. (ha. oops)

also, not waging war with myself. not taking time enough to reflect on truth; instead living in the lies I tell myself.
lies of uselessness, weakness… lies that say God can never use me in my struggle, that I’ll never make much of him when I can’t stop making much of this anxiety, this down-ness, this “ugh, you terrible woman” when I forget to do my chores and cause an extra addition to my  wonderful husband’s to-do list….
all of which make a mockery of the image of God planted in me and shout disbelief and lack of confidence in my God.

anybody with me on this?
yeah? yeah.

here’s the thing. I don’t want to be stressed. (revolutionary, I know.)
I want the Peace. you know the kind- the stuff that passes all understanding.
the stuff that rights wrongs and writes forever-treaties.
the God-stuff that Jesus says His followers are supposed to have in abundance.

but I’m bad at it.


that glorious, elusive peace thing that Jesus said brings calm to hectic hearts like mine…

that puts truth in my head and joy in my heart and strength in my bones…


and, in this time of year, the baddest thing I’m best at, is not remembering one of the biggest, brightest, most beautiful truths of all- not remembering who Jesus is.

who Isaiah, like 400 years earlier, promised He’d be.

after all, He’s the Prince of Peace.


the One who came to end the war with our sin for us.

the One who came to announce the moving-in of the Spirit into our trying-to-live-like-Jesus hearts.

the One whose fearsome wisdom banished all fears.

the One whose very clothes held the glory of his healing power.

the One whose very entrance to the world shouted GRACE! GRACE FOR ALL!

the One who wrote in His own blood His peace treaty with us against our sin.


oh come let us adore him


let’s not take that treaty and cast it to the side, please? let’s cling to it.
Jesus isn’t a baby any longer.
He’s the Saviour of the whole world and the Saviour of our hearts.
He’s the Prince of Peace.

blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.
//matthew 5:9//

He is the Son of God, the ultimate Peacemaker, the Prince of all Peace.

He has made peace with our hearts; isn’t it time we do the same?

hand over the lies to the Prince of Peace; peace-make with yourself; dwell on truth.

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