much // the truth about where we stand

it’s heavy, heavy, heavy on my heart, dear ones.

what’s the problem? what’s the boulder-heavy yuckiness that clings to the Bride in our fortunate place in the world and screams of un-graciousness and ugly, angry unkind…
ugh, it’s sick and sallow, and it will kill us quietly.

our loudish pride is killing the still, small voice.

the Spirit is being quenched in us.

from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. //luke 12:38//


that’s the heavy-weight ugly truth of the matter. that’s the ignored honesty I’m after.
how do we ignore this? do we somehow think that our ignorance discounts reality?
do we hope that by turning a false-blind-eye we’ll be passed over at the judgement seat?
do we think God is so stupid as to let that slide?

does an all-wise God whose breath leaves stars in the universe pass over sin on whim?
are we so stupid as to think our life-touching actions are of no importance, or that they will not be called to account?


yet we pile on the treasures and keep to our comfortable selves, behind the blue screen-glow of our computers and write about wisdom and mercy and gentleness; but do we give it? do we live as we write? do we care as we speak?
are we making little of ourselves that God might be made much of?
are we living the I-can’t-boast-of-anything life?
are we walking in the grace, granted to our soul-sick selves?

much will be demanded of us, dear ones.

how much is it we have given?

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