menu plan monday // closer to christmas

now that our tree is up, I just love sitting in that soft glow every evening while we eat dinner. there’s not much that’s more christmas-y than cozy nighttime tree lights! this week I’m making a goal to have at least 2 of our meals be nice, sit-down-at-the-table meals. this means I actually have to dry the previous day’s dishes and put them away before dinner so we have a place to sit 😉 procrastination will be overcome! to be honest, we usually just sit at our couch and talk and watch netflix while we eat, to avoid staring at the mound of dishes I create while cooking dinner.

also this week! I hope to take a photo of each dinner I make. I’m hoping this will make me think more about presentation and be more thoughtful about the foods I choose 🙂

goals! yeah!

anyway, so many of this week’s new meals were a flying success, and that always makes me SO happy! 🙂
this week I’m continuing with the cozy (with the exception of a salad… ha.) and staying in that snuggly mood.

(is it just me, or is it true that nothing screams “warm and cuddly winter food, yay!” like soups and potatoes. I LOVE potatoes!)

monday// fakeout takeout- chinese orange chicken
tuesday// easy fusilli pasta bake (mmm… one of my favorites!)
wednesday// tacos (taco salad for me!)
thursday//spiced bronze chicken with baked potatoes + glazed carrots
friday// sweet + sour sausage with sauteed green beans (I’ll share this super simple, kid-friendly recipe with you soon!!)
saturday// one pan parmesan veggie bowl + lemon pepper chicken
sunday// wisconsin cheddar soup with bacon, corn + hasselback sea salt potatoes (drooling.)

I’m so looking forward to these next couple of weeks!! leading up to christmas is always the best! 🙂
what are you eating this week? what are your culinary goals leading into the holiday season?

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