december diy’s to keep your Christmas-crazy alive

so this past week I got my new lens.

and it’s amazing.

so there are going to be a million photos in this post. just fyi.

BUT. fun stuff! some gift-wrapping inspiration, followed closely by two very fabulous DIYS! 🙂

 love textures. why wrap a gift in paper and just leave it, when you can add a bit of twine, a few thoughts via stamp pad, or make sure everyone knows the name of the recipient with a bold tag?


I  spent my post-Black Friday shopping (a yearly tradition with my mama) coma, wrapping presents for family Christmas “secret pals”, which, I must say, is my first experience with it and has me quite excited! especially with this golden paper…

and after the presents were finished, I turned my attention to sprucing up our wee space a bit- convincing it to feel more Christmas-y. we won’t be getting our tree till next week, but I’m excited for the little bits here and there that will remind me it’s Christmas time 🙂
apartment c

here are two short DIY’s that will be sure to have you feelin’ the Christmas spirit as you prepare for the greatest holiday ever.
firstly, a simple quote ornament.
I bought the brown paper ornament at A C Moore, then grabbed my pencil and sharpies and got to work!ornament1
 began by drawing out my hand-lettering quote onto the ornament.
I then fine-tuned all the lines and erased any stray marks. what you see at this point should be nearly identical to what you want the final design to look like- but a little lighter, considering it’s in pencil. 😉
ow just trace over it in sharpie!
ow make a million more, cause they’re pretty! 😀
finally, add some shimmery accents. I used a gold sharpie because I’m poor and didn’t want to buy glitter and whatnot. 😉 but you can use whatever you want!
here you have it! don’t you just love these sweet little quote ornaments?! I can’t wait to make a bunch more for our little tree (that we’re getting next week on our day off! aaaahhh!!)

here’s another one of my favorite Christmas diy’s. it’s one I’ve been making since I was a little girl, and one I’ve made every single year. somehow, it just wouldn’t be december without a christmas countdown chain, and this year, I’ve glammed it up a bit by swapping out that green and red construction paper I always used as a kid, for red and translucent gold shimmery papers. 🙂 here’s the how-to

first, you’ll need two (or more!) christmas-y papers. I’m using a red and a gold, purchased at michael’s craft store. you’ll also want to grab some scissors, a pen or marker, and some tape (which isn’t in the photo).
begin cutting one of your papers into strips across the shorter length of the paper. remember, you’ll want a total of 25 strips, so plan accordingly. I cut my strips 1/2-3/4 of an inch wide. if you don’t have a steady cutting hand, use a ruler to draw lines with a pencil, or a paper cutter, if you own one 🙂
then cut your other color (or colors) of paper.
now all of your paper is cut, and you’re ready to start writing! 🙂 start with christmas day, and work your way back to december 1st.
then loop the strip which says christmas day into a circle…
and fasten with tape- you can also use washi tape!
then attach the loop for december 24th… you could also write christmas eve 🙂
keep going until you’ve attached all of the loops together to create a chain!!
hang it somewhere pretty where you won’t forget to take off a link each day… and look forward to christmas!

december is almost upon us! how are you making your home look like christmas? 🙂

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