menu plan monday // HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!

this week is THANKSGIVING!

to be honest, I’ve never been a huge “oh, it’s Thanksgiving, ahhh this is my favorite holiday!” kind of person. The biggest reason I’m excited is because it means it’s that much closer to Christmas. I’m mostly just in it for the food.

and the pilgrim hats.
image_8_6_2012-27(rev 0)

and the pumpkins
image_8_6_2012-30(rev 0)
eriously. ^^ the ridiculous amount of excitement on that face.

and the black friday shopping with my mama. no faking it here, guys.
(hope you liked those awkward small child throwback photos)

and I find it super annoying when, all of the sudden, all of these people who always have super-complain-y facebook statuses are all like “five days of five things I’m thankful for!”.

um, no. you’re not fooling us. I am onto you, faker mcfakerpants.

however, there is something to be said for indulging the spirit of thankfulness all year long. for recognizing as a consistent pattern of living that we are nothing, our great God is everything; that we owe Him all and bow our hearts in thankful surrender. that is something I am certain each and every one of us needs to sincerely work on.

can you make a thanksgiving resolution? because if so, that’s mine. just because I’m mature enough to hold back my complaints from the audience of facebook, doesn’t mean I’m mature enough to not think them. I need to hold my heart in thankful posture, year-round.


monday// cheesy veggie soup + gluten free cornbread
tuesday// personal size pasta bake
wednesday// bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches to take on the road as we DRIVE HOME FOR THANKSGIVING! YEAH!
thursday// ~~~Thanksgiving Day~~~ (maybe I’ll make something for a side dish- like baked brie or whipped potatoes)
friday// leftovers!
saturday// beef stew
sunday// leftover beef stew

what are YOU doing for Thanksgiving? 🙂

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