veggies for breakfast? (and other stories)

hello friends 🙂

here are a few things I’ve been eating/doing/creating the past few days- boy have they been full!

the other day, I decided to eat veggies for breakfast.
veggies for breakfast? why not! they’re the best thing you can eat, so eat as many as you can, in as many meals as possible! on this particular day, I tossed some fresh, washed and trimmed, green beans into a pan with a little olive oil and cracked salt and pepper- YUM. paired with a sunny-side-up egg? you can’t go wrong!
eggs and veggies


then I ordered the beautiful Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 prime lens. WOOHOO.

*moment of silence for the great joy that comes with new camera things*

I can’t waaaaaait for this lovely to come. you better believe that this bad boy will be snapping up some pretty food pictures!

speaking of which… I snagged some cute new dishes for $5 or less each at Home Goods in order to have something pretty to take those foodie photos in. one of which is pictured in this photo:
see that orange-and-blue beauty?!
lso, I sipped on some lemon water, wrote bunches of wedding thank-you’s, and snagged a deal on some Christmas cards!
yeah buddy!

then, while flipping through some old gems, I came across these gorgeous snapshots that I took of a friend and her babe a while back.


such goodies!

well, that’s all for this mish-mash of a post 🙂

definitely more good stuff coming soon!

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