the birdie blog guide to a poor girl’s perfect wedding // big-picture pinterest-ing

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it’s the first post in the little wedding series I’m writing for poor brides (like I was!) who want a perfect wedding. to read the introduction to this series you can click here. I planned a wedding that was the stuff pinterest wedding boards dreams are made of, for less than $6,000 and so can you 🙂

Moriah + Joey_182

and it all starts with pinterest! (I know, you’ve always wanted someone to say that to you.) so here’s how the beginning of your wedding planning is gonna go down.

before anything else, grab a notebook (you’ll want to dedicate this notebook to wedding stuffs) and on the first page, write down every word you want your guests to use to describe your wedding.
some of mine were: comfortable, cozy, lots of laughter, familiar, relaxed, homey, fun, antique-y (I never said they had to be actual dictionary words!), indie-chic etc…

once you’ve written down lots of those, move to the second page, and write down individual things you love. These can be items, events, songs, times of year, whatever comes to mind that envokes the feelings you want to experience at your wedding- and what will cause your guests to explain your wedding with the words you wrote on the previous page.
again, some of mine were: coffee, dinner parties, summertime, bistro lights, white and nerdy by weird al, comfort food- mac and cheese and mom’s home made meatballs, vintage table settings, old furniture, good music, tall trees, bunting, old pianos…

if your hubby-to-be wants to be super involved in the planning, have him make his own two lists! if not, just make sure to show him after you’ve completed all the things in this post, to make sure you guys are on the same page as to where your wedding look is headed! 🙂

Moriah + Joey_339

for big-picture pinterest-ing. the objective of this is to create a board with photos and inspiration that match both of the word lists you just wrote. keep those lists with you as you follow these extremely important next steps 😉

1. put on your comfiest leggings and coziest sweater, and toss up your hair into a perfect messy bun. (you may have always thought that a messy bun consisted of swirling your hair into a wild mass at the top of your head and taming it slightly with a hair band, but tutorials like this exist. sorry. rabbit trail.)

2. grab your coffee. or sweet tea. or whatever.

3. get your computer, turn on some music that makes you all “ahh I’m so in love with my fiance` and we’re getting maaaaaried!”

4. ugly cry out of joyful disbelief.

5. wipe that up, cause, girl, no one wants to see that ugly cry.

6. open Pinterest

7. resist searching “DIY starbucks salted caramel mocha” or “sweater weather styles”. I’m serious. Don’t you dare. I’ll lose you in there.

8. start searching for anything and everything that matches your two amazing, totally-you word lists, using the words in those lists. you don’t have to use the word wedding in your searches- you can get lots of unexpected and very helpful inspiration from non-wedding pins that have the feel you’re looking for! 🙂 even if you’ve already started a wedding board, hide that one and begin fresh with this mindset. then go through the old wedding board with the same idea-looking for pins that reflect the words in your lists.

here’s a bit of inspiration to start- pin away! 🙂

holding the personalized hanger…
Moriah + Joey_104
vintage mismatched, thrifted plates + mugs, along with a homemade cookie at each seat…
Moriah + Joey_451
mismatched, neutral bridesmaids dresses…
Moriah + Joey_057
vintage soda bottles and cans for guests to cool off
Moriah + Joey_446
secluded ceremony in a shady grove of trees…
Moriah + Joey_272

I carried down the aisle the handkerchief that belonged to my aunt, who passed away before the wedding
Moriah + Joey_460
bride + groom first dance…
Moriah + Joey_551
wedding party selfie!
Moriah + Joey_418
all the couples on the dance floor…
Moriah + Joey_555
giggling and goofing off with my mom…
Moriah + Joey_140
first look with daddy…
Moriah + Joey_196

it will take a while! weeks even! and that’s great 🙂 amazing things take a little time! don’t be afraid to get specific with your dreams. after seeing a few pinterest images I knew knew knew I HAD to have a piano right behind us for the ceremony. I had to have it. I simply could not imagine the wedding without it. sometimes people didn’t really understand, or told me that was ridiculous and there was no way I could get an old piano without blowing my budget, but I persevered, searched the internet, asked around, and, the week of the wedding, we found a way to make it happen for FREE! (more on that in a couple posts from now)

but once you’ve amassed a large amount of pins, sort through them again, and pick your favorites. like I said, don’t be afraid to be specific. print them out and stick them on a big old poster board (or more than one!). you can divide them up into categories like ceremony, reception, decor, food, etc if you like. You can also run to a store like Home Depot or Lowes and grab some paint chips in colors that you seemed to pin often. spread those out on the poster board, too!

(later on, when you finalize your wedding colors, you can get the perfect shades in paint chips, punch a hole in them, and keep them on your keys for when you’re out wedding shopping- give copies to your bridesmaids or anyone else who may be helping out with your wedding, too!)

once you’ve completed all of that, it will be time for the next item on our wedding to-do list: finding a 24/7 partner, and prioritizing!! 🙂

all images taken at my wedding by Kristian Lynae Photography, with the assistance of Jenna Souers Photography.

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