what happens when you lose your grocery shopping list

first thoughts:
I’m SO UPSET RIGHT NOW. how did I even manage this? oh yeah the other day I actually cleaned out my purse for the first time in a month and just threw away all those random receipts and gum wrappers and papers that happen to have my grocery list written down on them… but what if I don’t remember everything and worry about it the whole time I’m out shopping but still don’t remember, and then remember it as soon as I get home from shopping, and then I’m like ugh I have to go back out in the cold but I decide that’s too much work because it’s like 19 freaking degrees out there so we end up eating cereal and peanut butter with our hands because we also haven’t done the dishes in three days?

and then:
hey, it’ll be alright, I just need to write it down again. I still have a few hours before I’m actually going shopping. it won’t be hard. I got this!
*remembers literally nothing that was on the list*
the world is about to end.

and finally:
okay, I’ll just keep this piece of paper out and look over my menu plan (which you can also look over by clicking here), and this is going to be okay.

and if we end up eating cereal and peanut butter with our hands?

so be it.

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