menu plan monday // trying new things

so thrilled about this week!
found a new favorite source for healthy eating inspiration here, and it’s definitely challenged me to get more fruits and veggies into our diet. so, aside from a dinner menu, as I always do, I will be adding a list of lunch + breakfast ideas from which to choose this week. (yay!)

monday// brown sugar soy (“favorite”) chicken with steamed white rice
tuesday// baked meatless penne rigate
wednesday// takeout fakeout- orange chicken, with veggie-filled fried rice
thursday// roasted rosemary lemon chicken + smashed potatoes
friday// tuna noodle casserole
saturday// stuffed chicken parmesan, loaded with veggies
sunday// gluten free personal pizzas! (maybe I’ll make mine with feta, spinach and leftover chicken parm!)

(just let me point out that’s THREE meatless meals this week… I’m not counting the tuna noodle casserole… because, well, 79 cent canned chicken?)

salad salad salad. that’s what I’m trying to eat for lunch, with the addition of some protein through small amounts of meat, nuts, etc…
and while I’ve got my salad, might as well throw some extra fruits and veggies on there, too! YUM.

for snacks, I’m grabbing fruit or veggies + protein.
apples + peanut butter
grapes + salted almonds
cucumbers or carrots + dip
strawberries + nutella 😉
corn chips + creamy and spreadable swiss cheese

although there’s the occasional non-veggie/fruit snack…
pretzels with nutella
gluten free goldfish
organic fruit snacks/fruit leather

breakfasts are goodness packed too-
oatmeal + fruit
icelandic skyr yogurt + cheese stick + fruit with peanut butter
rice cake spread with peanut butter + fruit
gluten free protein bar

so what are you eating this week?
what healthy foods do you like to have on hand to make sure you stay on top of your health?

3 thoughts on “menu plan monday // trying new things

  1. This is great inspiration for snack ideas, thanks! I really need to plan out my breakfast, lunches, and snacks each week. It’s always disastrous (aka, eating junk). I might just post a menu plan part 2 later:P looks like you will be eating well this week for sure!

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