the birdie blog guide to a poor girl’s perfect wedding // intro

hey there friends!

I’ve been looking forward to today’s post for quite a while now!! 🙂 it’s all about how I planned the perfect laid-back outdoor wedding (no, seriously, I can’t imagine it being more perfect) for a photographer/writer (me!) and a musician (J!) with 100 guests for under $6,000.

and just let me tell you- I am a big picture person. I am not a details kinda gal. those down-to-earth, nit-picky things called details bore me to death and go right over my head at the same time (and how is that even possible). if you’re like me, it’s not hopeless! you can still plan an amazing wedding! ❤

because there is SO FREAKING MUCH that goes into planning a wedding (and all the brides said amen) I’m going to break it up into a little blog series for you.


part one // big-picture pinterest-ing (I had you at pinterest, am I right?)
part two // prioritizing- make a plan. get a partner. fix a price. (you’ll learn how to create fun charts and list-making tools!)
part three // hire the pros (it’s not that scary, I promise!)
part four // create a team- you can DIY that
part five // how to score quality wedding details on the cheap
part six // get your wedding on

I am SO EXCITED about this little series 🙂 planning a wedding can be a total blast when you know how to make decisions and create deadlines for yourself.

so, in the words of one of my favorite signs from my own special day…
Moriah + Joey_009

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