how to love living little // + why you probably should

ever since I’ve lived on my own (three months, so basically I’m a seasoned pro) I’ve “lived little”. little space. fewer items.

while that simplicity is wonderful and something I think everyone should experience at some point in their lives, living little can be stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to love it- whether you’re living little by choice or lack thereof. It’s something I work on daily (and don’t always do a great job of!), but it’s something I’m also very thankful for.

if you’re just now following the birdie blog, I live in a 270 square foot studio apartment with my husband! you can see the apartment tour I posted a couple months ago —> here!

this is me and my darling husband, J-
we met at church, when my dad was hired as the pastor. 🙂
DSC_0178Moriah + Joey_373
he is my favorite ❤
Moriah + Joey_252
we had a little handmade and heart crafted wedding with 102 guests on August 8th, 2014. (coming soon is how we did it under $6,000!)
Moriah + Joey_002 Moriah + Joey_006Moriah + Joey_014 Moriah + Joey_506
after our honeymoon, we moved to our little 270 square foot studio apartment 🙂

this is how I do it.

1. stop letting your clutter stress you out.
this is one I’m desperately trying to get under control. (I get easily stressed.) one thing that stresses me out is a cluttered house. it makes me feel chaotic on the inside, too. if there’s one thing I know about a small living space, it’s that if you leave one thing out of place, the entire home looks messy. make tidying up a daily chore. when you’re done drinking from a glass, put it directly into the sink. if you’re done using your laptop, slide it under or beside the couch, out of sight. when you take off your shoes, put them in the shoe basket, shoe tray, or whatever you have to contain them 🙂

2. keep things clean
because you’re in such a small space, you have to look at the whole thing all the time. if things aren’t clean, you’ll notice. thankfully, there’s less surface area to scrub and wash 😉

3. purge your items often
just because you had a great big clean out before you moved in three months ago, doesn’t mean you haven’t acquired more junk! mail you forgot to put in the trash is stuffed in a drawer, your cami that got ripped a few weeks ago is still folded with the rest of your clothes, and now that it’s fall, you need to have a seasonal clothing sort-out. there’s always something!

4. vacuum. sweep. take your shoes off at the door.
you only have so much floor space. keep it sacred! keep it clean! sometimes the floor is your only option big enough for craft space, sprawling out, or doing some post-jog stretches. don’t be staring at dirt the whole time!

5. make purchases count
do your research before purchasing anything. know where it will “live” and what it’s uses will be. if possible, make sure it has multiple uses! will it maximize your storage or be a clunky item that only gets in the way? do you really have room in your drawer for one more sweater?

6. get out!
when you’re living little, you don’t want to spend all your time in that small space! let it encourage you to get out and explore your town. look up hiking trails! visit the local coffee shop! go to a bookstore!

7. don’t be afraid to have guests
J and I have already had one overnight guest, with another (my mama!) coming this week. as long as they know they’ll have to be crashing on the couch, don’t be afraid to have people over! show them the local sights, have a cozy game night or movie night, make a meal together!

8. if you’re living with a housemate or your hubby/wifey, embrace the close quarters
know where the boundaries are and have a plan for personal space, but enjoy the closeness. you’ll gain a perspective on patience, service, and friendship, and become a total pro at conflict resolution. 😉

do you live little? have any tips for me?

till next time!

shalom ❤

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