twenty-something thoughts on being your best twenty-something

I am twenty years old.

in the past three months, I moved out of my parents’ house, got married, found a decent job, moved into an apartment with my husband, started this blog, found a second job, started eating better food, and finished my Christmas shopping. 😉

here are some thoughts on making the most of your twenties and being the best twenty-something you can be. (in no particular order)

1. grow up
that’s right. be mature. take responsibility. always be on time for work and always work your hardest. pay your own way- but always check for coupons 😉 the world has enough short-sighted and blind-sided twenty-somethings. grow up.

2. stop being selfish
the world is not about you. do something worth the time. pay attention to the world around you and stop wondering what you can get out of it. reach out to others. spend your time and your money wisely.

3. save some money
I just got a second part-time job for the sole purpose of putting 100% of the money I make from it into savings. my husband and I will refuse to touch that money unless we cannot survive without it. I know that when it’s time for me to finish my degree, or when we decide to have a child or adopt, or if we want to take a vacation or go on a missions trip, or if we have a financial emergency, we will be glad to have that money in the bank! Saving is NEVER a bad idea!

4. better your strengths
don’t lose track of your special self. if you’re creative, pursue ways to grow your creativity. make time each week to do something that will help you improve in your strengths, so that you can become excellent at what you do well.

5. seek first the Kingdom
by far the most important item in this list. live for eternity. don’t waste your time on things that only hold earthly value. God’s word and the human soul are the only things that get to swing over into eternity. invest your life deeply in those.

6. don’t act your age
because of the overwhelming number of twenty-somethings whose pastimes include getting drunk on a nightly basis and posting slutty selfies on instagram, many mature older adults don’t often believe you can achieve greatness at your age. prove them wrong. refuse to act your age. if you’re ready to start your own business, start it. if you’re ready to get married, get married.

7. explore
even if it’s just your new town or the next state over. or if it’s India and Brazil and Australia and Ireland. go places. stand in awe of the work of God’s hands. experience the new and the different. gain perspective.

8. eat well
seriously, your mom was right. eat your fruits and veggies. stop driving through taco bell every time you get off work late. (I know. I’m sorry.)

9. gain “useless” knowledge
study why carrots are good for your eyesight or what genre of music will help your run last longer. ask the barista where your coffee was grown. know things. be interested. be interesting.

10. take interest in people
ask the grocery store clerk how her day was. thank the bus driver. wonder with your fellow shoppers when beef got so freaking expensive.

11. form a routine
…so you can break it. new things are so much more exciting when you have a routine for them to break. if you always read a book when you get home from work on thursdays, head downtown to the coffee shop to people watch instead. having a routine will make it easier to enjoy the small things. it’s not bad to be easily pleased. it’s only bad to settle.

12. do you
stop trying to impress people. seriously. if you want to chop off your hair, do it. if you actually hate coffee, stop meeting people at coffee shops.

13. ice cream fills in the cracks.
you’re young. little “irresponsible things” like ordering pizza at 2am or having a second scoop of ice cream during your third episode of 30 rock isn’t going to kill you.

14. chill
there’s no need to get all up in arms over little things. let it go. relax.

15. read non-school-books
remember when you used to read for fun? before college happened? pick up a new series and dig in. even if it takes you a year to finish.

16. know how you relax
are you a bubble bath and wine kinda gal? or do you prefer a good book and some hot tea? music with a chocolate facial? candles during a calming yoga routine? popcorn and a movie, curled up under a throw blanket? do you, friend. do you.

17. be involved
…in your local church. mentor high school girls. teach a class. volunteer on the worship team or in the nursery (if that’s your thing!).

18. learn how to cook a real meal
that you can serve when guests come to visit, make for your hubby or best friend, or just treat yourself to.

19. know how to celebrate
don’t be afraid to experience your emotions and share in the joy of others when your friend finally saves up the money to backpack across europe, graduates college, gets married, is finally in her dream career, has a baby… and learn to throw a classy party to commemorate it!

20. expand your vocabulary
learn new words! be smart! yay!

21. memorize scripture
hide it in your heart. you literally cannot waste time if you’re immersed in God’s word!

22. take real steps
…towards your goals. know who you want to be, pray for God’s will to take over, and work hard! also know when it’s time to change course. sometimes what’s best for us isn’t what we thought we wanted.

23. stop procrastinating
somehow, this is what our generation is famous for. we like kitten videos on youtube. we can help it. stop procrastinating and do something marvelous with your life!

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