moriah currently | of doodles and victoria’s secret and spoken word

hi friends 🙂

thought I’d catch you up on my life a little, aside from menu plans and (late) 52-week-list updates.

It’s officially autumn here in amish country, and we’re loving every minute of this glorious swirly-leaf, cool air, sweater-cuddles, hot cider time of year 🙂 in fact, it’s currently 39 degrees outside and shiny-clear as it could be. you can’t walk anywhere without the protest of crunchy leaves underfoot, and it’s my favorite thing in the world.


and some of these leaves are GINORMOUS. so super cool!


one of our favorite things to do, is bundle up, grab some starbucks (my awesome parents gave us a $50 gift card! woohoo!!), and head on over to the beautiful nearby park where we walk the loop around the big pond and act like children on the playground 🙂




unfortunately I made the sad discovery that nearly ALL starbucks products contain gluten, or have been manufactured near products that do, and after having a no-fun reaction twice, I decided that my salted caramel mocha just wasn’t worth it 😦


wanna guess the reason why these photos were all taken with my iphone?


go ahead. guess.


it’s because… I sold my older camera, along with my smaller lens!

and I absolutely, simply cannot wait to buy my new lens.

seriously you guys. I’m pumped.

in other news, something I’ve been working on is scripture memory. I am bad at this. so, so terribly bad. I just don’t memorize things well! my husband, on the other hand, can sit down and have a verse (or three…) memorized in ten minutes or less.

um, what?! totes not fair!

so I just have to figure out my own way to make things stick. lately I’ve been doodling…

bible memory

not only do I spend several minutes drawing out each letter (aka, burning it into my brain) but I can hang it up or tape it to our bathroom mirror when it’s done, so I see it often and don’t forget it 🙂

bible memory2

so far, so good!

I’m starting to make a check list in my brain of things I want in our next apartment. top of the list?
-full size appliances
-a bedroom

still loving our tiny place though 🙂 …but those dishes are a killer.


with the best possible discounts for a married gal.


Victoria’s Secret, here I come. 🙂

all-black ensemble? check.
obsessed with the product? check.
ready to wear that famed pink measuring tape and fold underwear all day? check.

and here’s the kicker of this whole post- I write spoken word sometimes. I’m thinking about trying to make a video. the video would likely be of the three-part spoken word, which I wrote about my struggle with fear, which I claim as the root problem of the anxiety, depression, and self-harm I struggled with in high school and college. would anyone actually watch it? or care? give me feedback, people! 🙂

well, that’s what’s new with me 🙂
how about you?
what have you been up to? 🙂

check back later today for this week’s menu plan!

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