menu plan monday + the end of the gluten free challenge!!

my three week gluten free challenge ENDS this tuesday!


I have to admit, I’m sorta proud of myself for sticking it out this well (minus those two salted caramel mochas 😦 ) and even enjoying it! I’ve discovered new foods and snacks I love, and I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies! (always a good thing.)

I’ve also been feeling better!! headaches have been few and far between, I’ve usually slept better (minus two nights), back pain has been less, I’ve only had air bubbles and nausea after drinking Starbucks (boo…), I haven’t been as dizzy or weak feeling, and I’ve been tired- but not drop-dead exhausted like I was prior to going gluten free. neck pain hasn’t really improved, but perhaps that’s being caused by my reoccurring pinched nerve up there? maybe I’ll have to go back to a chiropractor after all…

I was actually feeling well enough that I started working out again, and last week I ran for longer than I have in years. (no, I won’t tell you how long. that’s just humiliating. the point here is progress 😉 )

just for fun, here are the things I’ve most enjoyed snacking on these past few weeks:
honeycrisp apple with peanut butter- filling and super yummy
Annie’s organic gummy bunnies- gummy candy is my downfall, but these aren’t too terrible for you. and they’re gluten free!
pop chips- the barbecue is especially tasty!
steamed veggies- I get a big bag of personal-sized steamable bags, which make veggies easy for snacktime!
gluten free pretzels & nutella- yep. nutella is allowed, people.
cheese stick- I like the mozarella/cheddar twist kind 😉
cheese nachos- Tostitos are gluten free, friends!

since tuesday marks the end of my gluten-free run, I’m supposed to re-introduce gluten during the rest of the week, to see how I react (although I’m already pretty sure it’s not going to be fun…). however, it does mean I’ll get to enjoy some of my favorite meals again- at least for a few days. (looking on the bright side…)

This is kind of a fluctuating meal plan. we may or may not stick to this depending on how I feel and if we go to some of the dinners our church is putting on for the missions week 🙂

monday// beef & veggie stir fry over rice
tuesday// personal pan nachos
wednesday// non gluten free home made spaghetti-o’s for dinner
thursday// non gluten free mac n cheese for lunch; grilled chicken and smashed potatoes for dinner
friday// cheese burgers (with non gluten free buns) and salad
saturday// tacos (with non gluten free shells and seasoning)
sunday// nachos for lunch, beef stew for dinner

well, here goes! I’ll let you know what happens next monday 🙂

what are you eating this week?

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