fifty two weeks // week five

I realize I haven’t been keeping up with this series very well 😦 I really am trying to get back on this list making bandwagon and do my best.

as always, writing lists with the splendid Meg Dean.

the theme for this week is list what you’re grateful for, and as a chronic worrier, there’s nothing more both soothing and reproving than sitting down and making a list of the things you are grateful for. what a great reminder of the weight of blessedness we carry! 🙂

//what I’m grateful for//
1. grace
2. my husband- the best man I know. I love you, baby. 🙂
3. my amazing family
4. gluten free brownie recipes
5. a good job
6. autumn (yay 35 degree mornings!)
7. coffee (for 35 degree mornings!)
8. my phone
9. netflix. but really.
10. my church family
11. friends who stay in touch
12. a musical husband
13. honesty
14. our apartment (even when it’s messy)
15. free olive garden salad
16. courage
17. yoga pants. am I right.
18. crunchy fall leaves
19. my Bible- with all its tear- stained, ink-marked, God-breathed glory.
20. Christmas. Christmas.
21. creativity
22. calm moments
23. clean water. I forget about this sometimes.
24. pretty journals
25. Jesus saves. hallelujah.
26. being in a ministry family
27. a pair of perfectly fitting jeans
28. beauty
29. salted caramel mochas. yeah boy!
30. sweaters
31. hope
32. sleep. gimme.
33. healthy communication
34. diversity- it’s amazing.
35. the promise of eternity. praise Jesus.
36. thunderstorms. mmm, like the one rolling in currently ❤
37. parents who love one another deeply. can’t camp out on that one enough. I have the most remarkable parents.

what are YOU grateful for? 🙂

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