how to Christmas shop for your man, according to real young wives ((plus my stocking-stuffer list!))

what’s that, you say?

it’s October, you say?

it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, you say?

I’m Christmas-crazy, you say?

well, yes it is, and I know it’s not, and yes I most certainly am! 🙂

in fact, I started my Christmas shopping in September. (so there!) and from talking to one of my favorite groups of ladies- the young brides coterie (a group of encouragement for ladies who have all gotten married, or are getting married, younger than the cultural norm)- turns out, I’m not the only one! lots of us young brides and wives have started our Christmas shopping early- or have at least started our planning.

let’s face it. we love love love our men (awww), but they’re NOT always easy to shop for! thankfully, the wonderful girls (plus my mama!) and I have compiled our best pointers for shopping for things you man will actually love and use (yeah, that action figure from his fave childhood show is cute and sentimental, but if we’re honest? he’s not going to touch it after Christmas morning…).

you can make this Christmas’s presents the start of the best Christmas presents ever!

(did that sentence sound weird to you…)

whether it’s your first Christmas as a married couple (that’s us!) or you’ve been together forever, I’m sure you can take away something from the tips the girls have been oh-so-kind to share.

1. start early!! you’ll have more time to think about what you want to purchase, and you’ll be able to make a plan, instead of running out at the last minute and grabbing things that cost more and mean less.

2. If you’re on a budget, there are lots of clever ways to save. Amazon and Ebay are great for certain items – always order early and look at the seller’s ratings to make sure you’re buying from a trusted source. Consignment stores and places like Ross are also good, but you’ll probably need to spend some time looking because they are hit or miss. Lastly, try yard sales! If you have a Facebook online yardsale group in your area, definitely join. Items are posted everyday and it’s another cool way of shopping online and saving time. However, if you’re going to go the cheap, savvy route, start early! It takes a lot more time than just stopping by Kohls. //from Mikal, young brides coterie//

3. bookstores and convenience stores often hold unexpected treasures- colorful chargers, cool note pads, candy, and TV show/movie merch! And, most of the time, it’s fairly inexpensive. make sure you’re double-checking the non-book sections of the bookstores near you!

4. throughout the year, keep a note in a journal, cellphone, etc. of things he (and others!) mention they like or want and that way once Christmas comes you have ideas! //from Megan of It’s Meg blog//

5. for the stocking, make sure there’s a good mix of fun, practical, yummy, and sentimental. 🙂

6. your gift doesn’t have to be a thing! check out this list of awesome activity-gifts (it’s supposed to be for kids, but hey- we know that’s who our husbands are on the inside 😉 ) this is great if you don’t have room (or need!) for any more stuff.

7. don’t waste money on stuff he doesn’t want. simple? yes. straightforward? yes. but completely necessary. If you know he’s not going to use that bar of soap, don’t buy it just because you read on somebody’s blog that that’s a good stocking stuffer. //my mama//

lastly, here’s my stocking list for my husband! (shhh, don’t give away his presnts! I’m trusting you here!)
I’ve included where I bought these items, so you can go find them, too 😉



scarf (H&M)
cinnamon toast crunch (my mom always put a breakfast snack in the toe of our stockings!) CVS
index cards for scripture memory (CVS)
nerdy band aids (urban outfitters)
burts bees chapstick (Giant)
goldfish (CVS)
book mark pad! (Books A Million)
specialty coffee (
battlestar galactica triad cards (from a game they play in the show- thank you
blue anti-tangling phone charger (CVS)
mad libs! (Books A Million)
toothbrush (Giant)
altoids (Giant)
pens (CVS)
super cozy knit socks!! (H&M 4pack)
Adventure time mad libs (Books A Million)
reese’s cups and white chocolate lindt truffles (Giant) scattered throughout


what are some of your favorite tips for shopping for the guy in your life? 🙂

until next time
shalom ❤

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