menu plan monday // gluten free week three

hey you guys 🙂

thanks for sticking with me as I eat my way through three weeks of gluten free food! unfortunately this week didn’t feel as great as the previous two. maybe I somehow got some gluten, or maybe it just is what it is. either way, I was plagued by some pretty bad back pain and headaches, and I was more tired. booo. 😦 hoping for better results this week! can’t believe I’m already to week three!

it’s chilly outside these days. this morning it was 32 degrees, and the world was frosted over when I drove to work. 🙂 so along with the sweaters and scarves, I’m pulling out some cozy recipes for autumn and winter. I just love this time of year!!

did you know it’s just 66 days till Christmas? ahhhhh!

I have added eating times to my menu this week, so you can see how these meals can be made easily, in a pinch, when you have a late night (booo 😦 ), or just a few minutes to spare between evening activities 🙂 anyway, here are my week-three gluten-free meals:

monday- 6:30 pm, after my work// spaghetti with gluten-free pasta
tuesday- 11 pm, husband’s 6-10 night class// loaded nachos
wednesday- 6:30 pm, after my work// mandarin chicken stir fry with rice
thursday- 6:30 pm, day off// espresso rub steak tips & smashed potatoes
friday- 11:30 pm, after J’s work// favorite chicken with rice & veggie
saturday- 11:30 pm, after J’s work// shepherd’s pie
sunday- 11:30 pm, after J’s work// leftovers for lunch, rosemary chicken with baked potatoes for dinner

mmm, I can’t wait to eat this week! 😉
we also have apple cider on hand (yay autumn!), and I got a few gluten-free box mixes to try (hellooo brownies!). this is going to be a good week 🙂

what are you having for dinner? have a favorite recipe to share?

until next time!
shalom ❤

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