in which a selah space is created

yeah, you know the rushing.

the terrific swell of too much nothing and more nothingness.

day-full of all the quantity and none of the quality.

yeah, you know that.

yeah, so do I.


we need selah.
a pause.
a moment of meditation.
of reflection.
of peace.



we need a space to dwell in it.

to dwell in selah.

it’s time to pause and dwell. to reclaim a moment of peace.




to create in our spaces a singular island of calm and pause to bask in the glory of our God.

to be refreshed in a swell of grace.

we must purpose to have peace. we must fight for moments of faithful fragility. we must redeem our places of reflection. we must treat selah as sacred and not rest until we sanctify our spaces to reflect that.




how could one expect to experience a moment of selah in a cluttered space of messy mind and heart?

create. peace.

surround your body and heart with green things growing, soft and gentle blankets, flickering candles, and a steaming cuppa coffee or tea or mexican cocoa.




don’t rest till you can be restful.

create your space of selah.


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