//what’s in my purse//


been wanting to do this post for a while now. I always love seeing what other bloggers tote around with them 24/7, so I figured I’d show you all what I bring with me always. 🙂

during winter, I almost always have an extra pair of gloves in my bag, too, but it’s not quite that chilly here, yet, so I didn’t include those in here!

first off, for the bag.

I. am. obsessed. with my seventeen-dollar-target-clearance-purse.
ahhhh. it’s my favorite thing.
I love target, okay? I don’t care that it’s not some fancy-shmancy brand- I’m perfectly content with my trusty target brand everything, that I can count on to cost a fraction of the price of pretty much anywhere else. (no, really, I’m not being paid to say this. I swear.)
am I right??

the pockets on the outside are perfect for items I need to grab asap or more often than others, while the inside pocket is just right for, um, lady-items. 😉 also love that the top has the option of zipping up- instead of just a little flimsy magnet clasp, aaaaand the two strap options- long for wearing cross-body, or short for slinging into the crook of my elbow (pretty much my go-to) or hefting up to my shoulder. girl’s gotta have her options!

and as much as I love the bag, it really is only a carrier for all the important things- and the thing I love about a nice big bag, is that it can actually carry all the important things. and I tote around a lot of things.

here’s what’s in my purse
in my purse

1. shell trinket “box” with hair ties & bobby pins inside
2. iPhone 6, baby ❤
3. the trusty journal
4. playing cards
5. organic chocolate (from my awesome cousin- perfect for that one week a month 😉 )
6. mini journal for poignant verses & phrases I want to memorize & remember
7. mini altoids
8. three black pens and a sharpie
9. wallet (with wallet things inside)
10. glasses case
11. current book- mere christianity by Lewis
12. big paperclip
13. fuzzy socks
14. snack- organic fruit leather
15. tampon
16. lip gloss
17. tweezers
18. q-tips
19. chapstick
20. advil
21. gum
22. birth control
23. hand lotion
24. vaseline with cocoa butter – magical stuff ❤
25. hand sanitizer
26. collapsible toothbrush

in my purse2


in my purse3


in my purse4


what’s in your purse? 🙂
what are some necessities you’ve just gotta have always?

til next time!
shalom ❤

4 thoughts on “//what’s in my purse//

  1. 1) That bag! Perfect. I have a purse addiction. help. ha. 2) Helloooo iPhone 6! Mine should be here within the next week or so and I am SO not patient. 3) 2 Journals and a book. I love you;)


    1. hahaha would you believe it- purses are the one thing I don’t collect 😉 I have two- one spring/summer, and this one for fall/winter.
      I love my new phone! 🙂 I’ve never had a new iphone before- just a very old and used 4s, so I am having a blast! just ordered my case today!
      I can’t handle not having my journals with me! I love having a little one as opposed to index cards for verse memorization. and a book is great whenever I have to wait anywhere for anything 😉


  2. Well, I have about a million purses, but these days dont carry very many at all. I have been carrying the same one pretty consistently for the past year. I might have to join you in a purse post soon. We are pretty similar 😉


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