menu plan monday // gluten free week two

so far I’m feeling really good!

I’ve had no migraines and very subtle back pain, as well as being much less exhausted (still tired, but not totally wiped out) and no miserable air bubbles. I think I must have gotten some gluten somehow yesterday, though, because in the evening I had an awful air bubble and a splitting headache. crazy. it would be exciting to finally have an answer to my questions, and I think it’s very possible that I might have found that in this gluten free diet! yay! 😀

I am, however, getting a little frustrated with time-consuming dinners. I just want something quick and easy that I can stick in the oven and walk away from, and I haven’t managed to find a gluten free solution to that yet :/ ah well.

here goes week two:

monday// favorite chicken with oven fried rice
tuesday// cheesy veggie quesadillas
wednesday// espresso rub steak tips with vegetable & oven smashed potatoes
thursday// chicken burrito bowls
friday// beef & rice crockpot chili
saturday// shepherds pie
sunday// quesadillas for lunch, leftovers for dinner

here’s to week two! ❤


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