menu plan monday // hello strangers

oh hello stranger!

it’s been a whirlwind!

in addition to seeing this pretty face


and doing all of these crazy things



(yes that’s coffee in a mason jar #hipster )



farmers market finds

I have also been wildly busy and overwhelmed with a million things.

I’ve actually been extra sick and in pain as of late, and because of this, I’ve decided to go gluten free for a month, to see if I possibly may have a gluten allergy. (more about that here) it will be nice to have some answers.

in the meanwhile, however, I’ll share with you my gluten-free meal plan for this week. (YAY)

monday// coconut chile lime chicken & lime rice
tuesday// rosemary butter steak tips & fingerling potatoes
wednesday// cheesy veggie & rice quesadillas on corn tortillas
thursday//sweet potato nachos (recipe from the delightful pinch of yum!)
friday//meatballs with gluten-free sauce & white rice
saturday// garlic smashed potatoes & corn salad
sunday// luttuce-wrapped cheeseburgers

I actually have my full-month gluten-free meal plan all mapped out, but I’ll make you wait for it 😉
do you eat gluten-free?
what are some of your favorite g-free recipes or meals?
til next time!

shalom ❤

3 thoughts on “menu plan monday // hello strangers

  1. I also have a lot of stomach issues and pain. Here is a gluten free, refined sugar free cookie recipe I am going to try out this last week (if I can find the ingredients at the store): I will let you know how it works out and I will pass along successful recipes your way! Here is a delicious chili I recently had, very simple and gluten free:

    Stay strong!



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