a month of gluten-free

I’m sick.

I’ve been sick for a while.

two years and eleven months actually.

anxiety and panic attacks
excruciating joint, back, and neck pain
miserable air bubbles in my tummy
never-ending exhaustion and fatigue
numbness in my hands and arms
never getting proper sleep
body aches
frequent nausea
chest pains
shooting pains
etc, etc, etc

after countless doctors visits, so much bloodwork, and being tested for a hundred different things, I was sick and tired of doctors. I actually had one tell me that they thought it was all in my head. I was also told that air bubbles were totally normal. um, I know my body. I know that doubling over in pain at least once a day from an air bubble is not normal. seriously?

I tried the chiropractor.
they did absolute wonders for my back, neck, joint pain, and migraines.
seriously- they did more in 30 minutes than my doctors had in over a year.
and if you’re in the northern va area, go check these people out. they are incredible, and I love love love them.
unfortunately, the other stuff stuck around, and when I moved I stopped going to a chiropractor.

I’ve been tested for lyme, which came back negative. I realize this often happens falsely, but at the time it just wasn’t in the funds for the pricier tests. so for the past year I’ve pretty much just white-knuckled it.

then, more recently, I began researching gluten allergies and celiac disease. I’ve found that the easiest way to begin to figure out if it’s something that’s affecting you, is to go on a strictly gluten-free diet for 3-4 weeks. After that, you begin to re-introduce gluten into your system to see if you react to it.

so that’s where I’m at!

if it turns out gluten isn’t an issue for me, I may get tested for lyme once again. who knows?
either way, I’ll document my journey of gluten-free eating here!

I was worried that it would be outrageously expensive, terribly inconvenient, and not that tasty to eat gluten free. my husband and I are both pretty picky eaters who like our snacks, so I was pretty intimidated by this whole “gluten-free” concept. turns out, it’s not that hard. while things may be a dollar or two more expensive, there are plenty of convenient and super-tasty gluten-free options out there. 🙂

I’ve been slowly purchasing gluten-free items for the past few weeks, just to kind of get used to it and feel my way around the gluten-free world 😉 and I have found some AWESOME stuff! while traditional bread and pasta are out of the question, I can still have yummy stuff like rice and potatoes. also, the range of seriously yummy snacks is out of this world.

here are some of my favorite things so far:
pop chips! yum. ’nuff said.
gluten-free goldfish… they taste like puffy cheetos!!
rice cakes spread with peanut butter or nutella (yes, nutella is gluten free! yay!)
fruit! apples, oranges, strawberries… you name it, you can eat it on a gluten-free diet.
all things coconut. coconut milk and oil are two biggies for cooking gluten-free, and I am eating it up. literally.
soups! you can find lots of yummy ones in your grocery store’s organic section.
most Angie’s stuff is gluten free. they even make rice-pasta mac and cheese!

well, I’ll keep you updated!
(read my first week’s menu plan here)

wish me luck on my foodie adventure to health 🙂

7 thoughts on “a month of gluten-free

  1. Hi there! Good luck on your journey. I just wanted to let you know that the only way to receive a celiac diagnosis is to have the blood test BEFORE you go gluten free. And, if that comes back positive, then you’ll receive an endoscopy. It’s a super simple test (the same as lyme), but if you try eating gluten free, you will not be able to receive an official diagnosis. This also means you won’t know if you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, which are very different diagnoses. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease NCGS is not, and in one case you’ll have to worry about cross-contact. I highly recommend you get the test if possible.

    Here is more information from the Celiac Disease Foundation. I hope it helps!


    1. I do realize this, but I won’t be able to actually get into a doctor for a few months. 😦 and since it’s gotten bad enough that It’s caused me to call out of work and other things, I needed a more immediate approach. Thanks for letting me know, though!


    1. Thanks for that input! I’ll definitely check into that! I’ll post an update soon, but already these first few days off of gluten I haven’t been as tired, and I haven’t had any migraines! Maybe I’ve found the answer 🙂


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