photo friday// being sick sucks + why I’ll never again make perogies

I have to apologize for posting this photo friday so late.

I’ve been stuck on the couch for the past day and a half with my lame (ha. pun.) joint and back issues, and I just didn’t have the energy to write. or do anything but watch eighty million episodes of new girl.

so. today, I give you the much belated photo friday.
on friday, we went shopping for J’s job attire, took a walk in the beautiful fresh air, and failed at making perogies. I even did a little shopping for J’s Christmas stocking 😉

just look at my handsome guy ❤



skinny jeans (Old Navy), knee-high black boots (Target), slouchy green pocket tee (H&M), gold necklace (Charming Charlie)… perfect summer to autumn transition outfit.




and the great perogie attempt… 😦



it was miserable, and they did NOT taste yummy!


here’s to trying a new recipe this next week that tastes much better!


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