fifty two weeks // week two

hello hello 🙂

how are you all on this fine Wednesday? isn’t this weather just grand? when I left for work at 7:13 this morning, after only four hours of sleep (I hate tuesday nights), it was gloriously cool, and leaves were crinkly. eee!! I. love. autumn. I’m sure there will be lots of fun happening with outdoors in the cool crispy air on this photo friday’s post. 😉

and so, alas, here I am. I’m nannying with a big, fat headache, cold oatmeal and no camera (woe is me…). which means that you get a sad little iphone 4s camera shot and misspellings for week number two of our fifty-two week challenge. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should read this)

stop judging me.

as before, I’ll be linking up with the wonderful Meg Dean. this week we’re listing our greatest comforts. ❤

behold, the pitiful camera phone shot:

I told you. stop judging.

well, there you have it! a very sleepy week two : list your greatest comforts.
what are some of your greatest comforts? are you listing along with Meg and I?

check back Friday for some new photos (I promise to post them on Friday this week!) and then welcome the new What’s Up Weekend post on Saturday!! And of course week three of our fifty-two week challenge will be back next Wednesday.

till then, friends!
Shalom ❤

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