yikes. moriah currently // photo friday on a tuesday


not having wi-fi is the worst. this is something I need to find a solution to, so that I can be more consistent on here!

I’ve missed you!

but, in my absence I’ve been doing some super exciting things. I can now play a G chord on my guitar (applause, yes, applause), I ventured downtown once again with J to see what we could see (and did we ever see things!), and I’ve been continuing my work on something oh-so-exciting…! I’ll link you up to it soon 😉 (hint, hint)

here’s what I’m currently dreaming of:
photo from Pinterest
no, not a living room.
a full time photographer’s studio where I can edit images and hold consultations and post-session reviews with clients ❤
just a dream.
but a dream in the works.

for now, enjoy these much late-posted Photo Friday images of our most recent downtown exploration:

central market


lancaster map


yes. we went in there. I’m 99.9% sure we were the only two white people out of, er, twenty?


joey barber


joey statue




fountain park2


fountain park


don’t forget to check back in tomorrow when I link up with Megan once again for week two of our 52 list challenge!!

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