the 52 lists // week one

hi dearies 🙂

here at birdie in a coffee cup, lists are a favorite thing. and it just so happens, that at the Moorea Seal Blog, lists are a favorite, too! I’m going to be taking after her blogging series (just click on her blog link to read more about it!) and making one list every week; fifty-two lists, with fifty-two items each, for fifty-two weeks.

please join me and the ever-delightful Meg Dean as we link up and write our lists. we’ll be using Moorea’s first 20 prompts from 2013, then writing our own! we’re inspired and hope you will be, too!

week one // list the words that touch your soul

week one - list the words that touch your soul


those are my 52 words!
seriously though, I could have written a hundred. words touch my soul, period.
what are the 52 words that touch your soul? link up with Meg and I next Wednesday, or write your list on facebook, if you don’t have a blog! just spend a few minutes and allow your soul to be touched and awakened ❤ …and share with the rest of us!

check back next wednesday for week two // list your greatest comforts

shalom ❤

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