an almost-birthday party plan

I am so excited!

In just three and a half weeks my bestest friend (viewed below with me at my bachelorette party, swatting at bees) is coming to visit our tiny apartment!
(we shall see how the 270 square feet fair under the pressure of three)


we both love all things autumn and cozy, so the beginning of October will be a splendid time to hit the markets and walk downtown. it just so happens that her birthday is a few short weeks later. so, naturally, I am planning a twenty-first mini birthday bash weekend for the two of us. I’m the best. 😉

a peek at the timeline of our festivities:

Friday: bestie arrives in the evening (WOOHOO!)
after starting the night off with some yummy barbecue chicken quesadillas
nd mexican corn on the cob (drooling. I’m drooling.)
we’ll kick back and catch up over home-made popcorn and from-scratch spicy and dark hot chocolate! (uhh, yum!)

hello breakfast burritos and coffee for breakfast on the go, while we hit the world-famous Lancaster Central Market (eeeee!!!)
then to hit the streets of downtown, popping into all the cute shops, studios, and cafes… and grabbing a panini and some soup (and likely more coffee) from cafe one eight (my fave).
there will probably also be french fries from Sheetz. don’t laugh. their barbecue sauce is life.

of course we won’t forget a crazy awesome photo shoot in some obscure, attractive place because that is how we do.
for real. she’s gorgeous. but you’ll see.

as evening hits, we’ll whip up this yummy soup, along with some baked mozarella sticks and (so exciting) some truly Indian, home made chai tea

and (drumroll please) the almost-birthday girl will get an ooey-gooey, chocolatey, caramel-y dessert (with candles of course). behold what we shall attempt: the salted caramel chocolate bundt cake. ohhh lawdy. shivers. i have shivers.
can this please be tomorrow??
Saturday will finish off with board games that include J (yay husband!) and probably a myriad of snacks and yummies.

Sunday morning, we’ll pull out some amish oatmeal muffins to go. and of course brew a pot of coffee.
lunch? TBD. I’m sure Pinterest will think of something 😉

what’s your favorite thing about having visitors? any go-to cozy autumn meals?

till tomorrow!
shalom ❤

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