seven is perfection: or, how to wake up early

that wasn’t literal. obviously.

I’m not about that early-rising life.

but think of it this way: how to wake up early to the world around you. most of my peers are still too drunk or somehow too self-unaware and at the same time self-absorbed to really be awake to the world around them. to really feel it and be touched, and touch it back.

don’t be those people.

it’s time to wake up. tap into who you are so that you can give who you are to the world.

there are seven ways in particular that I am doing this (or trying to, anyway).

1 | this blog. HI THERE 🙂

2 | getting back into personal journaling. it’s been a few weeks months since I’ve done this regularly, and I’ve subconsciously really super missed it. there’s something therapeutic about seeing your brain’s thoughts in your own handwriting.

3 | stretching my photography skills. it’s also been a while here. in the few months before the wedding I shoved this, especially, to the side. no longer. at least I have the handsomest model in the whole wide world. ❤ see here for my ultra-late photo friday post where my uber-handsome husband posed for me 😀

4 | yoga all the time. need to be better at this. every day. I know it’s good for my crazy body issues, but I need to be more disciplined about it.

5 | learning an instrument (really though). just before the pre-wedding wildness, I started learning guitar. and promptly forgot everything within those months. getting back at it.

6 | my etsy shop. that’s right! birdie in a coffee cup will be coming soon to the wide and wonderful world of Etsy! think hand painted mugs, canvas quotes, stiched kraft journals, unique decor pieces, etc. keep your eyes open and tuned to the blog to see the grand opening!!

7 | this is a biggie!! a secret project– which you will get clues about from time to time on the blog!! watch out for them! they will be labelled minis, and you’ll want to keep track of them all in order to get an idea of what my secret project is and when the big reveal will be!!

what are your seven ways to be intentional about “waking up early”? 🙂

until next time, loves!
shalom ❤

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