the spectacular now: my thoughts on Bible college boys, hipster Christianity, and living intentionally

hey friend. settle in. 🙂 it is getting cooler, isn’t it?

there’s a blanket on the sofa. well. there’s like three on the sofa.

I like blankets…

care for some coffee?

I’ll move all these books, put your feet up. nah, don’t worry it- set your mug anywhere.

cream? sugar? honey?

you take it black? so does my husband. you crazy people.

let’s have a heart-to-heart, yeah? something’s been on my mind, and I’ve gotta talk to you about it.

you see, I’m finally cool.

waaaait, it’s not what it sounds like, I swear! you see, all of a sudden, it’s cool to wear too-big-sweaters and stupid dorky glasses. it’s cool to sit in Starbucks with a grande vanilla latte and a brooding face, whilst typing up a blog post about coffee and sweaters and kittens. it’s cool when half of your clothes come from the thrift store and the other half come from the back of your mom’s closet. it’s cool to be a dreamer. it’s cool to care. it’s cool to want to change the world and write vehemently about how buying fair-trade coffee is the only moral thing to do (while sipping your grande vanilla latte) because there are over twenty something thousand slaves in the world today. it’s cool to not wear shoes for a day and boldy stick up your chin at anyone who defies you because you are doing it for a good cause because you are a good person and you care about things. it’s cool to love deeply and show your emotions and believe you can do big things. it’s cool to fight your whole life for a cause that matters, simply because it matters. it’s cool to spend a crap ton of money to look like you live simply. you know the look.

suddenly, being a good kid became cool.

the intrest isn’t in rebellion anymore. it isn’t in moremoremore

it’s in discovery. in beauty. in passion. in justice. in hope.

and suddenly. in christian circles, we are realizing that a lot of our values are suddenly… cool.

people think we’re cool when we go to rallies for anti-slavery functions. when we sit in Starbucks writing our posts on the complexity of the world and all the charities we’re supporting, and how we bought our shirt from Sevenly.

and my heart is burdened (not because these are bad things- these are really really good things that heighten the heartbeat of our God!!) because all of a sudden we have a generation of really cool, hipster Christians that go to college and go to high school and do big things and beautiful things and sit in their Starbucks with their grande vanilla lattes and talk about seeing the world and changing the world, not because they love Jesus (which they probably do), but because it is really cool, and I am one of them.

I am guilty.

in this hipster-christian world, we do the things Jesus wants us to do, while forgetting that it’s Jesus who wanted us to do them.

We forget to know Him– but we write a really good fair-trade-only blog and make sure to donate when it pops up on the  “please slide your card” screen at Target.

We forget to know Him, and yet we’re passionate about all the things He’s passionate about, and it leaves us disillusioned. confused. disconnected from Jesus.

And we don’t. know. Him.

my husband is part of one of the most professionally christian circles in the world. my husband goes to bible college. and my husband blows my mind.

my husband is not a hipster christian.

he cares about people more than anyone else I know and studies hard every day to know how to love them better. he is devoting his whole life to a cause bigger than himself. he disciples younger guys, and they look up to him so much because he’s pretty freaking cool.

and he doesn’t care.

he loves Jesus and spends time with him every single day. he hides God’s word in his heart and reminds me of the gospel every day in the way that he lives his life with quiet, un-flashy, passion. he is connected in his heart and with his life to Jesus. He does what Jesus wants because Jesus wants him to do it. Not because all of the sudden it’s somehow cool. Not because it’s a good thing. Not even because it’s the right thing. But because he loves Jesus.

That is not normal. That is cool.

I will keep writing my blog.

I will keep wearing sweaters and dreaming of owning a little kitten and sitting in Starbucks drinking my grande vanilla latte (with whole milk, extra foam and seven pumps, please.) while I push my glasses back up the bridge of my nose.

I will keep on advocating for those who have no voice and buying shirts from sevenly.

but I will, with all of my heart, strive to know Jesus, and know Him in the deepest places of my heart. I will intentionally seek Him first. before advocacy, being a good wife, and vanilla lattes. I will live in the spectacular now of intentionality where Christ is Lord, and all else falls before that truth.

please, please, please, friend.

leave with this in your heart. place it there. keep it there intentionally, moment by moment:

more of Jesus. more. of. Jesus.

shalom ❤

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