photo friday: downtown walkabout | bonus: how to make hot dogs less gross

okay. it’s official. I. Love. Lancaster Pennsylvania.
The following photos were all taken in downtown, which is approximately 7.5 minutes from our apartment.
fall in love…

record shop4


see? so splendid.

record shop2


record shop


record shop3


record shop5

but. this is my favorite part. as we were making our way back to our car from a delightful little coffee shop (sorry, no picture this time.) we stumbled across a piano.
just at the entrance to a parking garage!
a piano of all things!
we couldn’t have been more pleased. and J got his piano fix (pretty sure he still hasn’t gotten over the fact that we can’t squeeze a piano into our little place). I loved hearing him play. I’d missed it. ❤





it was a splendid day. 🙂

but wait! there’s more!
the title promised you a bonus, and here it is!

hot dogs are gross. at least I think so. but when you’re poor, and you have to eat them twice a week (blech) one must turn to creative means in order to not lose one’s mind. (okay. over-dramatic. I’m a writer. get over it.)

so yesterday, I whipped up a little something I used to make whenever my mom cooked hot dogs for dinner.
I began cooking the hot dogs in my beautiful, gorgeous grill pan from heaven. grilling makes everything better.DSC_0090

then I mixed some crushed tortilla chips with a couple tablespoons of barbecue sauce. we were using the giant, fat Hebrews National hot dogs, so I made a little more than usual.

as the hot dogs were finishing up, I got out some shredded cheese.

then, when I took the hot dog off of the pan, I put it on a plate, and slit it almost completely through from top to bottom…



then stuffed it generously with the shredded cheese, which got all melty 🙂



theeeen I put the yummy barbecue/tortilla chip mixture on top. again… generously.




all that yummy flavor and texture does an awesome job of hiding complementing the flavor and texture of the hot dog. and it was actually pretty darn good.
and of course, pair it with veggies to make your brain think you’re somehow sort of being healthy.

good luck cooking, poor wives! 😉

did you try my “recipe” for hot dog filling? was it any good?
check back in soon for my thoughts on Bible college boys, hipster Christianity, and living with intention. (no, my post titles will never get shorter)

shalom ❤

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