moriah, currently… and life so far

hi there friend 🙂

please, grab your favorite old mug, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing) and pull up a chair to my itty bitty living room. let’s chat. I don’t have a whole lot of any girlfriends here in Lancaster yet, so I’ve got to ramble to someone. this is me, currently.

eating this. all. the. time.
eriously. have you ever tried these things?

and the need for one of these is just as strong as ever:
arm tattoo


and praying about being a leader on this trip in a couple years?

and I need autumn and leaves and sweaters and ankle boots and please?
autumn style

and the other day I discovered that BJ’s sells this for super crazy cheap say whaaat
naked juice

trying to make this sink into my heart:

***all photos snitched from pinterest***

some things I am super looking forward to:

as of right now, I only work three, ten hour days as a nanny. I’m so, so excited to be able to use the other days to focus on some things belonging to my creative side that have been neglected in all of the crazy past few months- my blog, my photography, my writing, reading new books. my brain needs to be more active! (if you live in or near Lancaster, PA and need a photographer, go here!)

along with my brain, my body needs to be more active, too. it’s hard to eat well on a tight budget, and I’m doing my best with what I’ve got! also, can’t wait to take a jog around our adorable neighborhood, check out the local park with J, and get back into yoga to help relax my crazy, tense self.

hopefully myself and a few other young brides will be starting up a Bible study together. can’t wait to dig into the word with some other ladies 🙂

getting to continue making house for my man *bursts with pride over how much more awesome my husband is than anyone else*. I love, love, love being a wifey. even on the crappy, I’m-so-tired-I’m-just-going-to-punch-the-bed-with-my-face days. even those days are better with a husband. ❤

what do you do with your free time? how are you making time to pursue what you love? can you tell me where the best fresh markets are in Lancaster? 😉 how do you stay healthy- body, mind, and spirit- on a budget?

Shalom ❤

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