welcome to Apt. 1

hi friends!

after much anticipation (and many meltdowns from wading through half-unpacked boxes), I am so thrilled to pieces to be able to show you the 270 square feet that J and I call home! still very much a work in progress (read: I didn’t include a wide shot of the closet for a reason.), our little place is becoming a big piece of our hearts and is beginning to truly feel like home. mmm, isn’t that a nice word? 🙂

so, please, step inside. welcome to apartment 1- we’re oh so glad to have you. make yourself at home!


no TV. no internet. just old-school music. this is the highlight of our place ❤
antique kiddie desk used to belong to my aunt, when she was a little!





photographs. you can never have enough ❤
canvas by the best friend.
Portlandia vinyl from the college sister.
framed wedding invitation from like-family friends.




old egg crate for the coffee table has been in my family for quite a time.
couch pillows from my trip to India in 2011 ❤




we. love. books.






love coming home to husband’s school books and Bible stacked up everywhere ❤ so thankful for a man who wants to spend his whole life “professionally” loving Jesus and the whole wide world.




honeymoon polaroids!


living detail3


from a poem I wrote for husband:


living detail2


love my happy square tray from India ❤


living detail1


obsessed with our 100% recycled drinking glasses from Home Goods and 99 cent cork coasters from IKEA.


living detail4

notice that awkward handle sticking out on the left? puny cupboards can’t handle my pretty blue wok 😦






kitchen detail2


it’s possible that we have far too many coffee mugs… psh, no it’s not.

kitchen detail1




love how dreamy these curtains are. makes the bed “room” feel like a blanket fort ❤


bedroom detail4


bedroom detail2


my $25 antique oak dresser… yard sales, people.




and of course, it’s all in the details…
that silver ring says “capture life” on the inside- the best friend gave it to me for my birthday one year, and I treasure it ❤


bedroom detail3




husband’s flannels that I’ll be snitching this autumn… (shhh)


bedroom detail1


there you have it! hope you love our place!

PS: I realized after I had put my camera away that I’d forgotten to get photos of the bathroom. maybe we’ll just have to save that for it’s own feature 😉 bathroom organization tips, anyone? (I just doomed myself…)

next week I hope to jump back into Menu Plan Monday (be on the look out for family recipes)! But watch out for tomorrow’s post on wife life so far, and Moriah, currently.

see you tomorrow!

Shalom ❤

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