a whole lotta crazy

deep breath. 

hello, friends.

miss me? 😉 aww, I missed you too! unfortunately, a week before the wedding, I came down with the sickies- sore throat, fever, the whole sha-bang. needless to say, when I wasn’t croaking out instructions for how the 117 handkerchiefs needed to be made into bunting, I was sleeping. or staring pitifully at a TV through watery eyes. (it was pretty pitiful, not gonna lie.) I healed up literally the morning of the wedding (I had been having nightmares of a choked out “I do”, with vocal quality reminiscent of a heavy smoker…) and then had the most stunning, incredible, amazing day of my life. I still can’t actually believe it was mine…

It was pulled together by a whirlwind of amazing people with big hearts and creative souls. ❤

props to our AHHmazing photographer ( <— click there. seriously. do it. I’ll wait.) for being the coolest human on the planet.
10557204_725523010839434_372994142398651337_n10445586_725522854172783_7139549129141410043_n10306740_725523080839427_2059345532420747415_n 10357585_725522914172777_1279344040978979327_n  10553393_725523124172756_6768496944459452862_n  


but after that beautiful, wild, eventful day, came the honeymoon in Kure Beach, NC. Go there, friends. Go to there.

I’d been saving my black and white polaroid film since Christmas for the honeymoon, and it did not disappoint. These aren’t quite all the ones I took, but it’s a taste 🙂

also. sad day. my camera’s memory card had gotten LOST, and I wasn’t able to use it all week (depressing!), so these are all phone snaps 😦



we tried about three different local coffee spots, but we loved Port City Java best ❤ all fair trade and organic coffees!!

milkshakes and french fries at midnight in a diner, after a moonlit walk on the beach and stumbling across a glowing night-time carnival? um, yes.

after which, the long trek was made up to Lancaster, PA, where we now live in an oh-so-tiny, oh-so-wonderful, 270 square foot studio apartment.
enjoy this wee peek before the full post, sometime this week!! get excited, people!
husband actually sent me this photo THIS morning while I was at work (nannylife) because he had just put up the shelves. (yay husband)



and how could I forget? just started my brand new job as a nanny for the greatest two-year old princess. everything is pink and ponies. I love it. 

more to come oh-so-very-soon on meal plans and apartment living and the wild things God does. ❤

shalom ❤

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