know you | day six

This one’s gonna be short.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I’ve finished THREE wedding to-do’s, run six errands, eaten a total of three bites of anything all day, and need to finish one last thing for J’s birthday surprise TOMORROW. ahhhh.
But today, ironically, is the still list.
What makes me calm? Apart from just digging into the Word, what helps me sit in the stillness of holy and beauty and just be? Here it is:

know you | day six: the still list

hot coffee or tea by the window
reading old journals
slow, body-stretching yoga
quick self, body-massage with soothing lotion
acoustic influenced music
something wildly girly, painting my nails
a ponytail and leggings and staring at the ceiling

there you have it.
nothing fancy or extravagant- just calm. Now, I’m going to make a cup of tea and attempt to unwind with a quick stretch or two in some favorite leggings before all of tomorrow’s excitement. (get ready for pictures galore and all the secrets revealed!) Goodnight. 🙂


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